Young Artists Matter Here

“We have to support our local artists. It’s just that simple. Otherwise, we will have no art.” – Al Jourgensen

Funding and Programs


Current Programs

Kids Paint, Too! Classes  

One of our ATA Foundation artists will conduct a monthly painting class for children ages 6 to 12. The program is inclusive; all children, including special needs children, are invited to register for these events.   


Adopt-A-School for the Arts

Through this program, each year, we conduct an art supply drive to collect donations for art classrooms in underserved school classrooms.  The program was established after the ATA Foundation Founder, Arlener Poydras, discovered that the local daycare in her area had better art supplies than her former high school, which is located in a low-income neighborhood. 

Upcoming Programs

Providing scholarships since 2012, the ATA Foundation is preparing to expand into other art-related activities for youth 6 to 18 years old, including:

  • Art workshops
  • Dance lessons
  • Music lessons
  • Assistance with musical instruments
  • Acting lessons

Volunteer with the ATA Foundation

Volunteering with the ATA Foundation is a great way to get involved in supporting the artistic aspirations of young people in underserved communities.

Interested in volunteering with us? Complete the form below!


Apply for a Scholarship


Annual Deadlines:

Applications Due: March 16th

Recipients Notified: May 1st

Award Presentation: June TBD (attendance required to receive scholarship)

Scholarship Application Form

Please complete the following information. All fields are required. All required supporting documents must be submitted at the time the application is submitted. Please be sure to collect all of your supporting documents and have them ready for upload prior to beginning the application.


Frequently Asked Questions For Scholarship Applicants

Currently our scholarships are $2,000 each.

Recipients will receive scholarship funds to be used for tuition and fees. They will also have their art featured on our Foundation’s website, in our newsletter, and on our social media platforms, exposing their talent to our community of supporters and followers.

Graduating seniors planning to attend college and major in The Arts.

 Students with financial need, a compelling essay, and a school history of involvement in The Arts.

The ATA Foundation Director and several individuals comprising a judging committee.

Frequently Asked Questions For Prospective Donors

We currently provide $2,000 scholarships to a maximum of five students. In the future, while the number of recipients will remain at five, the dollar amount of the scholarships will increase as funding increases.  

 We support 4-5 students a year, depending on funding. 

Scholarships will increase from $2,000 to $5,000 as funds increase.

Our last fundraiser was held in 2019, prior to the Covid-19 pandemic. To be notified of future fundraisers when we begin to host such events again, please subscribe to our mailing list.