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“The earth without art is just ‘eh.’” – Demetri Martin

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A Glimpse Into the Brilliant Mind of
"Artis the Artist"

Like most artists, Artis Prestidge viewed individuals, issues and society through a highly unique and uncommon lens.

He experienced the world through emotions, sounds, shapes and colors, imperceptible to the average person and possessed a God-given talent of being able to filter them through his sharp, ingenious mind and communicate them to the rest of the world on paper and canvas.

In true artist fashion, those who enjoy the artwork he left behind are left to wonder about the images that lay before us bearing his creative signature.

What did he mean by this painting? What was he trying to say? What idea was he trying to express? What reaction was he trying to inspire? What experience or interaction inspired this piece? Trying to interpret A.J.’s messages and solve these mysteries is all a part of the process as we appreciate his body of work.

We invite you to browse the art gallery of this brilliant, young African American artist to experience the world as he saw it – through his lens, conveyed through a diversity of artistic styles, to express profound, insightful social commentary well beyond his years.

We welcome you to the brilliant, inventive art world of A.J. Prestidge, aka “Artis the Artist.”


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